A list of Publications in which my fiction has appeared   


Publication: The Fiddlehead, January, 2012, New Brunswick, Canada
Short Story:  Naked Girls & the Grinch
Synopsis:       Receiving an acceptance from the Fiddlehead was a huge thrill for me as a writer. It's the oldest & most respected journal in Canada and I read it cover to cover every quarter.
Nominated for The Journey Prize.

                                    Read "Naked Girls & the Grinch" here

        Potomac Review Best of

Publication: The Potomac Review, September, 2011, Maryland, USA
Short Story:  The Video Poker Bar in Vegas
Synopsis:       Desperation under the bright lights of Vegas.
Reprinted as part of the "Best of the Potomac Review"
        Dalhousie Review

Publication: The Dalhousie Review, July, 2011, Nova Scotia, Canada
Short Story:  A Bad Day  for the Zebras
Synopsis:       Thomas joins the mission in Kenya herding zebras into the breeding grounds of starving lions.


        Sierra Nevada Review cover

Publication: The Sierra Nevada Review, June, 2011, Nevada, USA
Short Story:  Alive in India
Synopsis:       Jonathan journeys to India to retrieve the body of his recently deceased sister.


Publication: The Offbeat, December, 2010, Michigan, USA
Short Story:  Into the Woodwork
Synopsis:       A paranoid man flees his violent past. He arrives in a small Canadian town only to wonder - who's watching him? And when will everyone discover what he's done?

        Penguin Review

Publication: Penguin Review, July, 2010, Louisville, USA
Short Story:  Struck
Synopsis:       David arrives at a bachelor party weekend to discover the police officer who answered a domestice abuse call at his house three nights earlier has also been invited.

        Potomac Review

Publication: Potomac Review, April, 2010, Maryland, USA
Short Story:  The Video Poker Bar in Vegas 
Synopsis:       Desperation under the bright lights of Vegas.

Publication: The Feathertale Review 5, March, 2010,  Canada
Short Story:  A novel excerpt of The Three Fates of  Henrik Nordmark

Publication: Thema, March, 2010, New Orleans, USA
Short Story:  Sirens & the Silences
Synopsis:       The story of an absentee father seeking redemption. Written for a theme (Put it in Your Pocket, Lillian).  

        Night Chills
Publication: Night Chills, February, 2010, Oregon, USA
Short Story:  Leave
Synopsis:       A Horror Story - Laura is awakened in the dark of night, her husband's hand covering her mouth.  "We have to Leave."
        Puffin Circus
Publication: Puffin Circus, November, 2009, Pennsylvania, USA
Short Story:  The Unrelenting Agony of Francis St. Pierre
Synopsis:       Flash Fiction - Francis St. Pierre announces his life long dream at the dinner table to a family who ignores him
Publication: Nonymous, July, 2009, Fredericton, Canada
Short Story:  The Heist
Synopsis:       A young man fakes his own death in order to rob a funeral home with a drive-thru window.
        Read This
Publication: Read This (Montana U.), July, 2009, Montana, USA
Short Story:  The Isirk Ballroom
Synopsis:       A Russian doctor accosts his rival at a formal function only to discover his ex-wife in his rival's arms.  Agony, confusion and triumph ensue.
Publication: Hacksaw Arts Magazine, May, 2009, Canada
Short Story:  A novel excerpt of The Three Fates of  Henrik Nordmark

        Canadian Stories
Publication: Canadian Stories, June, 2009, Canada
Short Story:  I'm Afraid of Toronto
Synopsis:       A first person account of the differences between Vancouver and Toronto.
Publication: Delivered (UK), June, 2009, London, England
Short Story:  Five Seven of Hearts
Synopsis:       A desperate man travels to Monte Carlo to put his life's savings on one hand of blackjack.
Publication: Welter (Baltimore U.), May, 2009, Baltimore, USA
Short Story:  Hold On
Synopsis:       A news crew arrives to film Margaret's elderly husband, stricken with Alzheimer's.
Publication: The Feathertale Review 4, May, 2009,  Canada
Short Story:  A novel excerpt of The Three Fates of  Henrik Nordmark

Publication: The Delinquent 8 (UK), May, 2009, London, England
Short Story:  Hiccups 
Synopsis:       An excerpt of Hiccups (a novel in progress).
Publication: Toyon, May, 2009, California, USA
Short Story:  The Walking Lady
Synopsis:       Winner of the Advisor's Prize in Fiction
An 8 year old boy with an abusive family seeks out a woman who walks the same path all day every day. 
Publication: Inscape (Washburn University), April, 2009, Kansas, USA
Short Story:  Widow's Waltz
Synopsis:       Nicholas agrees to pay an elderly woman's expenses in exchange for her house when she dies. On the 30th anniversary of his support, she invites Nicholas over for dinner and he must decide - how much longer can she go on living?
        Write On2
Publication: Write On, March, 2009, Saskatchewan, Canada  
Short Story:  The Widow's Reflection
Synopsis:       A third person description of a woman whose husbands die amid mysterious circumstances.
Publication: The Delinquent 7 (UK), December, 2008
Short Story:  A novel excerpt of The Three Fates of  Henrik Nordmark
        Inch Cover
Publication: Inch (Bull City Press), December, 2008,  North Carolina, USA
Short Story:  A novel excerpt of The Three Fates of  Henrik Nordmark
        Cause and Effect
Publication: Cause & Effect, June, 2008,  California, USA
Short Story:  A novel excerpt of The Three Fates of  Henrik Nordmark
        Write On1
Publication: Write On, June, 2008, Saskatchewan, Canada    
Short Story:  The Rosalina Parlour
Synopsis:       A breast cancer survivor working at a funeral home panics after sharing an intimate moment with a younger man.
        Serial Thriller
Publication: Vancouver Province, March, 2008, British Columbia, Canada
Short Story:  Serial Thriller Chapter Seven
Synopsis:       The Serial Thriller is a really cool contest put on by the Vancouver Province newspaper. Author Daniel Kalla writes the first and last chapter of a story while aspiring authors submit the chapters in between. For the first Serial Thriller contest, my submissions made the short list twice. It was heartbreaking to get so close. When the Province ran the second Serial Thriller contest, my entry won for week Seven and appeared in the newspaper, the first time I ever saw my name in print!
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