The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark

(debut novel released September 2010)

                     by Christopher Meades

Henrik Nordmark Cover


Henrik Nordmark is a bald, middle-aged security guard with few friends and no romantic possibilities. Tired of being the weed sprouting out of the wallflower, Henrik has an epiphany. He will have one moment of inimitable distinction, even if it kills him.

What he doesn’t realize is that it very well could. Unbeknownst to Henrik, he’s accidently targeted by a team of bumbling, elderly assassins from the nearby retirement home, and they have him in their crosshairs...even if their shaking hands and bad eyesight prevents them from keeping him there.

 Henrik’s counterpart is Roland, a young office worker who thinks fate has just dealt him a full house. He will escape his gray cubicle walls, become rich and famous and live the life of his dreams. Now, if he could just find that winning lottery ticket…

Henrik’s and Roland’s lives intertwine with that of a young couple, the aptly named Bonnie and Clyde, two formerly star-crossed lovers who have grown to loathe each other. Bonnie and Clyde have homicidal intention in their hearts, but seem to lack the cleverness and proficiency to pull off their respective crimes.

A Brief History of The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark

I originally wrote The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark as part of the 2007 3 Day Novel Competition. I'd entered the contest the previous two years and produced 2 novellas but wasn't one of the finalists. In 2007, Henrik Nordmark made the short list (out of over 600 entries) for the competition. This was really cool and exciting...but only the contest winner gets published. So over the next year I reworked the manuscript, doubled its length and had excerpts of it published in literary print journals.

Then I submitted it to ECW Press, fingers crossed, and in April 2009 they accepted my novel. My editor and I reworked it again during 2009/2010 and now here it is, the finished book. In creating Henrik Nordmark, I really wanted to write a "literary" novel with carefully crafted prose (à la Patrick Suskind or Janet Frame) but I also wanted a fast-paced plot with several plot lines that intertwine in unexpected ways. And above all, I wanted it to be funny.

I hope you enjoy it...


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"A complex bit of narrative macramé ... a slapstick comedy of errors that moves at a breakneck pace" 

- Quill & Quire

"Witty and entertaining... full of laugh-out-loud moments" - Publishers Weekly

"Three Fates is well-written, totally hilarious yet also poignant, and brilliantly planned....There are too many times to count at which I laughed aloud, too many pages I’d love to quote..."  Bella's Bookshelves  Read Review

"What a great read! Fun, Fast and utterly enjoyable I would recommend this book to anyone who has a fondness for a writer like Carl Hiassen. Like Hiassen, there are a number of seemingly unrelated storylines that in the end become completely and hilariously intertwined... Throughout there is a real cinematic feel to the story, the characters and the dialogue. While the story focuses on Henrik and his quest to be unique, it is his complete naiveté that makes him so compelling and his final epiphany so perfect..." Carey Low (Manda Group)

"The entire structure resembles a particularly intense game of Jenga....The three assassins and their escapades are certainly worthy of plaudits, and Roland's desperately silly dive into despair is marked with high style....Meades shows definite talent, and I look forward to what his imagination unleashes next.." Corey Redekop (author of Shelf Monkey)

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