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The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark

Released 2010 by ECW Press

Henrik Nordmark is a bald, middle-aged security guard with few friends and no romantic possibilities. Tired of being the weed sprouting out of the wallflower, Henrik has an epiphany. He will have one moment of inimitable distinction, even if it kills him.

What he doesn’t realize is that it very well could. Unbeknownst to Henrik, he’s accidently targeted by a team of bumbling, elderly assassins from the nearby retirement home, and they have him in their crosshairs…even if their shaking hands and bad eyesight prevents them from keeping him there.

Henrik’s counterpart is Roland, a young office worker who thinks fate has just dealt him a full house. He will escape his gray cubicle walls, become rich and famous and live the life of his dreams. Now, if he could just find that winning lottery ticket…

Henrik’s and Roland’s lives intertwine with that of a young couple, the aptly named Bonnie and Clyde, two formerly star-crossed lovers who have grown to loathe each other. Bonnie and Clyde have homicidal intention in their hearts, but seem to lack the cleverness and proficiency to pull off their respective crimes.